Filmmaking Is Easy…

If you have read the newsletter, been through the website or spoken to me personally, you would have heard me say that many times before… many, many times before.

Maybe I just like the sound of my voice? Well, according to my buddies… it’s possible. Or maybe it’s because it is true!

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And why do I say that?

Think of it as a friend telling a friend a piece of good news. It’s a natural human reaction. Have you ever described something in excitement to a friend? For example: have you seen a good movie, told a friend in the chance that they can enjoy the experience too. In the same way, I am passionate about filmmaking, I pass on my experiences so that others can ‘share in the joy’, so to speak (sounds corny when put like that).
But there is a premise here that I am making, a not too far-fetched assumption that I am preaching to the converted. In that:
You already have a video camera.

You have invested in the one essential tool, the foundation or keystone that the whole process pivots on.
And maybe, just maybe you have the desire. The creative impulses pulsing beneath the surface.

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You like to tell a story like Lucas or have a thing for action like Bruckheimer. Where you once sat in the pews of a theatre for the escapism of a Hollywood epic, now you notice the camera angles, the subtle scene changes and how they affect the mood and pace of a movie. And think how great it would be if you could do something like that too.

The moment excites the imagination, and a myriad of ideas floods your mind, adrenaline surges through your veins as your senses tingle… oh… sorry, I got carried away. Back to business:
But what you don’t have is the knowledge. The “down to the smallest detail” data on how to go about it. All in the one ‘easily accessible’ place.

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