Filmmaking Is Easy…

If you have read the newsletter, been through the website or spoken to me personally, you would have heard me say that many times before… many, many times before. Maybe I just like the sound of my voice? Well, according to my buddies… it’s possible. Or maybe it’s because it is true! And why doContinue reading “Filmmaking Is Easy…”

Ways In Which You Can Use A Camcorder Tripod To Get Professional Footage.

It is essential to have a stable platform for shooting video and obtaining a tripod should be your first port of call after the purchase of a camcorder. And with a little ingenuity, even a very basic tripod can help you produce some stellar shots. Here are some ways to use a tripod to bestContinue reading “Ways In Which You Can Use A Camcorder Tripod To Get Professional Footage.”

For Those Who Interested In Video Marketing.

Are you interested in video marketing? Maybe you’re a novice at video marketing and what it entails. No matter what the case, the best way to be successful is by doing your research. The following tips will help you to create an awesome video marketing campaign. Your best bet for creating a successful video clipContinue reading “For Those Who Interested In Video Marketing.”